Why is it that life never really seems to go as planned? We invest so much energy in drawing up a life plan, only to find that Heavenly Father has something else in store.

While we were preparing for marriage, we talked a lot about what our family would be like. We dreamed of having a big family. We started trying to have children just a few months after we were married. Yet, here we are, nearly six years later, with one beautiful boy and hoping to adopt a second.

In the spring of 2009, Kelly learned that she has a balanced trans-location of the 4th and 5th chromosomes, which put simply, means she has a lot of “bad eggs.” These eggs are too genetically scrambled to be conducive with life, resulting in frequent miscarriages. After the sixth miscarriage, we’ve realized it’s time to consider alternative options. Through fasting and prayer, we've come to understand that adoption is the right choice for us. So here we are, anxiously awaiting the day when another spirit will join our family.

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